The Role of the Governing Body (St George’s Lower School)

The governing body works with the headteacher and the staff at the school to make sure that the school provides a good quality of education for all its pupils. Governors work in partnership with the headteacher to set the strategic direction of the school. The school governing body is akin to the Board of a company.

Governing bodies in schools are accountable for:

  • the use of public funds
  • the quality of education provide
  • the wider contribution of the school to the community

Governing body membership is a combination of appointed and elected governors; governors usually sign up for a four-year term of office after which they may be re-elected or re-appointed. The number and type of governors varies; we have 9 governors.

There is a Sub-Committee whose remit is to support the Children’s Centre and they are involved in the decision making process.  This Sub-committee meets quarterly.

Minutes 010316

model-of-governornanceThe main aim of the governing body is to maintain and improve the quality of education and the standards of achievement at the school. The Governing Body has responsibility for the overall strategic direction of the school and for the standards achieved. A key role of the governing body is to challenge and support the school leaders, holding them to account for tackling weaknesses and further improving outcomes for all pupils.

The role of governors is:

  • to provide a strategic view
  • to act as a “critical friend”
  • to ensure accountability.