Virtual Groups

Due to the COVID-19 we have had to cancel our courses and session for the moment. So….we decided to take them online! Check out the timetable above to see what’s it going on ‘in the centre’ at the moment and scroll down for more information on the courses and sessions.

If you wish to book onto any of these then give us a call on 01525 384368 or message us on our Facebook page – ‘Leighton Buzzard Children’s Centre’.


Baby Sign & Rhyme

Age: 0-12 months

Our baby sign course is so popular we knew we had to deliver this virtually! Throughout this 4 week course you and your baby will learn some basic signs that you can incorporate into your daily life. These are all learnt through different songs and rhymes. We make it fun and engaging so you and your baby will pick it up in no time!



Age: Adults

This is our support group for women that may be struggling with feelings of low mood and anxiety. We are very aware that these may be heightened at the moment due to the current circumstances. It is a friendly group that will give you the opportunity to share how you are feeling and chat to our family workers, and also other women experiencing the same feelings.


BookStart Story & Rhyme

Age: 18 months +

If your children love story then this course is perfect! It follows the BookStart story & rhyme programme which includes different stories along with some interactive rhymes and songs. All you need is a comfy seat to join in at home!


Starting Solids Q&A

Age: for parents with babies aged 3 months +

We know a lot of parents will be at the stage where they want to start trying some solids food with their baby, and we do not want you to miss out on important information and advice. When you book onto this course we will send you across the basic information and then invite you to join the Q&A session which will be an opportunity to chat to one of our family workers and ask any question that you may have. You will also be able to chat to different parents, some at the same stage as you and some will later on in the process, where you can share tips and tricks with each other!


Baby Days

Age: parents with babies aged 0-3 months

Congratulations if you have given birth to your new baby! We know this must be a strange time to enter into this journey but we are here for any support and advice you may need. We are very aware that a lot of new mums really cherish the friendships that made within ‘baby groups’ and we do not want you to miss out on that. Our baby days course is a 4 week course, which covers a different topic each week, such as, safe sleep, childhood illness and feeding. Along with making sure you have the information to keep your baby safe, we also encourage you to chat with the other mums and share your experiences so far!


Parent Puzzle

Age: 18 months – 8 years

A lot of us are spending a much more concentrated about of time at home with our families and children. Although a lot of will be enjoying this time, for some people it maybe the cause of tension, anxiety and frustration within the household. This is a 4 week programme aimed at delivering strategies to help you manage your child’s behaviour. Each week will have a different topic and you will be given activities to complete within the home before and after each session, so that you can get the most out of the course. The topics include: Communication, guiding without criticising, boundaries, choices and consequences.


Births, Bumps and Baby: Antenatal Group

Age: expectant parents

As our Birth, Bumps and Baby Stuff presentation was recorded and released as a video for parents to watch a home, we felt that parents would still be missing out of the social side of an antenatal group. We have set up our ‘coffee morning’ style group where you can come at meet other expectant parents and to chat to our family workers, who are able to reassure, support and answer any further questions you may have after watching the videos. You will need to have watched the videos (link below), but you have done that just grab coffee and join in for a chat!

Video link:


We are so happy that we have been able to facilitate so many of our groups in a ‘virtual’ setting and we hope that you are able to get the most from them. If you have attended any session/course then we do appreciate feedback as this is new territory for us so any improvements will be useful!


Stay safe everyone,

Leighton Buzzard Children’s Centre Team